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The mop-up has landed federal regulators in the same muck that mired the S&L industry: Thousands of white-elephant properties, most located in markets as soft as quicksand.

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Hopefully she’s going to take some time to address some of these issues.' Her hospitalisation came after tweeting her apparent intention to commit suicide to her 24,000 followers. I think I keep trying to feel his pain.'After being involved in Sheen's infamous binge, for which he paid her $30,000, Jordan found passing fame with a series of interviews to the media, even claiming to be pregnant at one stage. I just pray I wake up each time.'Just to drive her point home she then explained: 'I took a bunch of pills...drank a hotel size bottle of jack...

She was found by police in a hotel room in Chicago yesterday. Sources in the police department told the website that they viewed the suicide messages 'as a publicity stunt.' Jordan had earlier tweeted: 'Those 16 hours I was with Charlie Sheen... Yesterday the 22-year-old had been updating her fans with her exploits while staying at the upmarket Peninsula Hotel in the city. I guess I'll have to do more and see what that does.'I've over done it... stumbled to the bathroom to weigh myself.........86 lbs.'When police responded to the calls she tried to play down her intentions, tweeting that she had 'a family' to live for.'I think this is funny...

She left a message saying she was suicidal and she wasn’t happy', Blatt told Radaronline.

After trying to call her back, Blatt said he grew concerned. 'I waited 10 minutes and then finally called the Peninsula Hotel and asked them to run up to her room and do a wellness check.

RTC inherited the property when it took over the bankrupt Southwest Savings & Loan Association earlier this year.