Masterbaion buddys chat room

I haven't done C in years and know NOTHING AT ALL about pidgin plugins, except for what I hacked together for this purpose, so please don't mock my crappy plugin.

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1 Just encountering the same issue here trying to use a Jabber chat room as a small-team communication tool We already use Pidgin for one-to-one communication and were hoping the group would work essentially the same except we could all participate.

Is there someone who knows slightly more about software development than me who could compile mino's plugin above for Windows?

Why not just leave it open and use the taskbar flashing to indicate new messages?

Anyway, a plugin should be able to respond to incoming messages in exactly the same way that the buddy list handles double-clicking on a chatroom buddy list entry for a persistent chatroom.

1 for adding the ability to pop open a window, or at least generate some form of visible notification, for a closed persistent chat that has a new message.

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