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But here’s a little extra, taken both from past years, and from my reporting on the Kickstarter and the making of the movie over the past 12 months. Rob Thomas originally became a screenwriter for the money Thomas spent his college and post-college years at the tail end of Austin’s “New Sincerity” music scene, playing in the bands Public Bulletin, Hey Zeus, and Black Irish.When he left his day job as an Austin teacher in 1993 to go work for Channel One, an educational broadcast network in Los Angeles, he figured his rock’n’roll days were over, and he’d find creative satisfaction as a TV news producer. I didn’t even let myself worry about getting published until after I’d finished it.” Once he found an agent and publisher, he even felt a little special. Yet another 2000s thing we’re happy to leave behind.

Here is the remarkable true story of a seal who each spring swam hundreds of miles to visit the human family that rescued him when he was an orphaned pup.

Keith Carradine stars as a Maine harbor master who witnesses the playful and appreciative animal's impact on his hometown, his family and especially on his shy nine-year-old daughter (Tina Majorino of Corrina, Corrina).

It’s literally one of the most bizarre films to come out, well, ever. It’s a mashup of the stranger parts of life, and we quoted it though middle school and high school (and, okay, we quote it now from time to time). We do have to admit that this is giving us some major throwback feels for friendship bracelets!

One character in particular really stuck with us, and it’s the super awkward, totally sweet, Debbie.

“And so, years later, walking across the Fox lot when I had that [production] deal, I finally stopped at Vince Gilligan’s door, and introduced myself and said, ‘you really…you put food on my table and taught me what a TV script looks like.’ He was gracious.