Libra dating a libra

Both Pisces and Libra may be inclined towards vanity projects and materialistic goals.Rather than chastise or shame, Libra and Pisces may be equally supportive and encouraging of one another’s indulgences (within reason).Libra’s ruling planet Venus is exalted under the sign of Pisces and so being with Libra may likely bring out strong romantic feelings in Pisces.

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Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, and so even the most extraverted Pisces is likely to have a rich inner world that they withhold from others.

The Pisces is typically an HSP (highly sensitive person) and this sensitivity causes them to form deep impressions about the world that may often seem strange, amusing and sometimes ingenious.

In addition to the romance, there may exist a good potential for Libra and Pisces business compatibility.

Successful business ventures often require a combination of creativity and strategic acumen.

Libra and Pisces love and hold special appreciation for beautiful things.