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He’d hand me a prop or a cup of coffee and then narrate: ‘I’m handing my sister a cup of coffee.

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’ It was such an odd, old-fashioned, unexpected question. I hadn’t held hands with anyone in what felt like a million years, so I decided it didn’t matter. Then we presented the award and I went back into the audience to sit next to my date for the evening – a gainfully employed lawyer who was also my dad. After I first moved to Los Angeles, I was in a long-term relationship with a wonderful guy, but I wasn’t ready to settle down.

After that ended, I contracted a case of man-repellentitis so severe that it is still being studied. For a very long time I worked and worked, and then I looked up one day and all my friends were married with children.

So when, on Election Day, she posted a picture of her beau beside the presidential nominee with the caption “#Im With Her #And Also With Him,” I started to wonder if Graham was trying to communicate that she was married to someone other than just her candidate.

Is it possible that Graham and Krause have gotten married without letting anyone know?

While on location, I had a fun relationship with someone who revealed at the end of the movie that he had a girlfriend back home. I wanted to hold out for men with good behaviour, but ultimately I settled for less-good behaviour because I wasn’t sure when the next chance to meet someone would be.