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I disagree on what is "just adequate" for a phone like this, Android will often cache apps in RAM and not free up the memory till its needed, so looking at the amount of free (or used) RAM is not always a true sign it is out of memory. Model is LYO-L02, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage has 4BG used leaving 3.56GB free. Have a 1GB RAM Optus prepaid tablet, Maps Chrome with 2 tabs email and apps will reload. Will take a while in Australia as per usual though.

Obviously installing some bloated game or app that was never intended to run on a cheapo phone will cause it stress, but for normal use 1GB is heaps for most people. The bigger issue is Huawei's rubbish Emotion UI and out of the box this isn't running Marshmallow which is sloppy for 9 RRP.

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However, given the frequency support has already been pleasantly surprising.

I'm hoping (dreaming) that capability turns out to be another.

Thankfully the days of 512MB RAM phones is now gone, so we don't have to suffer as we did in the past.

Why not be the first to buy one and let us know..!?!?

one thing I really like about MTK phones is that they have a engineering menu that I believe allows you lock out whatever bands you want rather than being restricted to just choosing an access technology e.g. Reason for asking is that I have seen a P8 Lite, and it was locked down.