Kaling dating

It’s so infrequent to create a show, particularly with the journey that my show went through, from different formats and not knowing if you were going to come back and then being resurrected with even more episodes. Even people whose shows have lasted for many years get trampled and to be able to leave the show with Hulu saying, ‘You can have as many episodes as you want.

You can come up with as many years as you want’ — and to be able to close it on my own terms, was such a rare gift.

starlet won't be revealing that anytime soon, she wouldn't be the first celeb not to share those private details.

The 38-year-old has given birth to a baby girl named Katherine, according to E! The actress reportedly welcomed the baby on Friday.

Kaling, who has not revealed the identity of the baby’s father, has spoken publicly about motherhood since the news of her pregnancy broke.