Invalidating cache at path original dating ideas

Django's built-in cache API does not have support for this approach.

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The wildcard invalidation works very similarly to other systems, giving you the ability to use the asterisk operator (*) to specify a file pattern to invalidate.

For instance, to invalidate all images you might do something like this: For my purposes, I wanted to just invalidate the entire cache to be safe, since almost all pages use the same layout and styling.

Disk Cache* is an Apache2 licensed disk and file backed cache library, written in pure-Python, and compatible with Django.

To use Disk Cache in your project simply install it and configure your Checkout shutils.rmtree() or os.removedirs(). Update based on several comments: Actually, the Django caching mechanism is more general and finer-grained than just using the for the key (although you can use it at that level).

If someday that happens, this package will either be deprecated or hold other experimental functionality on the subject of caching and invalidation.