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JC: I spoke with Laurel K., who has been doing just that since she retired at 66. First, Laurel journeyed from Ohio to California in her RV, took in the sights, stayed in private RV parks, taught water aerobics and joined in the activities.Then, she became a volunteer in state and local parks, working in the visitor centers, on the trails and as an interpretive ranger.

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KH: Next Avenue has written about women who love living out of an RV in retirement.

Why might that be a good idea for some single women?

(Most of the single women she spoke with for the book wanted to maintain their privacy, so she often used their first names or middle names and last initials, which she did in our interview.) Kerry Hannon: Why is housing such a dilemma for single women in retirement and how can living with a twist address these issues?

Jan Cullinane: When you look at the advertising for retirement communities, much of it is targeted to couples — couples walking on the beach, couples dining with other couples, people traveling in pairs.

But if you’re moving to a place where the fit will be just right, this step will probably be less scary.