Import error when updating

This is to ensure that the system recognizes that particular variant, according to its SKU.This is because there is an option value defined without an option label.Often, banks and online brokerages will post a notice on their website or send out an email alert to customers if they will be performing any maintenance that will impact your access to your data.

Also the key the error message specifies is "user__name" which I cannot find in any of the users tables. I've done a lot of reading on but most of it is like a foreign language being a Drupal newbie and all.

For example, if "SHIRT-RED-S" is already used for one variant, you cannot associate this with another variant.

I am trying to use the same migration script that was used to initially migrate the users but use the --update option to update the users.

Here is the migration script yml mapping: langcode: en status: true dependencies: third_party_settings: migrate_plus: migration_group: scotts id: scotts_user migration_tags: null migration_group: null label: 'Scotts User migration' source: plugin: scotts_user keys: - USER_ID path: 'private://import/users.csv' header_row_count: 1 track_changes: true process: pass: plugin: callback callable: - \Drupal\Component\Utility\Unicode - strtolower source: PASSWORD mail: LOGIN init: LOGIN name: LOGIN status: plugin: default_value default_value: 1 created: plugin: callback callable: strtotime source: REGISTRATION_DATE access: plugin: callback callable: strtotime source: LASTACTIVITY_DATE changed: '@created' login: '@access' field_user_name_first: FIRST_NAME field_user_name_last: LAST_NAME field_user_zip_code: POSTAL_CODE field_user_registration_id: USER_ID # # Interesting fields from ATG not-yet-used in Drupal # field_user_country: COUNTRY # field_user_registration_campaign: CAMPAIGN # field_user_registration_referrer: REFERRER # field_user_last_CSR: LAST_CSR # field_user_last_CSR_ACTION: LAST_CSR_DATE # # Password_policy module forces field_password_expiration to zero # and field_last_password_reset to NOW on initial user write. So we use an on-save override # in scotts_atg_(named below) to set expriation flag to 1 # just for the migration process.

There are several reasons that your Quicken finance software could be failing to download transactions, from account setting issues to server maintenance at your financial institution.