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Hugh Hefner and Playboy Playmates The Pussycat Dolls Opening Night May 9, 2002 - West Hollywood, Ca Hugh Hefner and his Playmates at the Opening night of 'The Pussycat Dolls', a burlesque-flavored cabaret act held at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. He is the most famous man, with the most famous house, in the most famous neighborhood in the world.

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Because he is famous for his work, and he is famous for his women, but mostly, he is famous for his friends, that swirling swarm of spectacular celebrities who perpetually grace his grounds. It was The Mansion when it was first built, in the late 1950s, in Chicago, a brick manse on the Gold Coast.

He is famous for being immersed in them, for being saturated and inundated with their fame. It was The Mansion in the early Seventies, when it moved to Los Angeles, a granite castle on rolling hills.

Months ahead of any event, she is keeping a mental notebook: this one, yes. This year, it's sweet, young Thora Birch who receives the newcomer's welcome.

She can be spotted at his parties and his private movie screenings, even Easter Sunday morning, strolling through the grass, all green eyes and pout, as a flurry of children and Playmates scatter through the bushes in search of painted eggs, as butlers attend to the trays of toothpicked morsels, and as he, the host, sits upstairs alone, like so many times before, the only star unwilling to shine, hiding in his study, reading and writing and revising his life's work, pleased to be far from the loathsome party he has brought upon himself. Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 and has since the expanded it into a multi-million dollar empire encorporating real estate, nightclubs and the sale of sundry products.

Nobody else was around; the place seemed improbably solemn. And then he walked through the door, in black pajamas and a red smoking jacket, looking very much alive, albeit rather apprehensive."Well, hi there," he stammered in a deep nasal voice, putting his hand out for a shake and giving a nervous grin. I said yes, thank you, and he forced another smile, lurching toward a cabinet, fumbling around for a while, then returning with a small bottle, which he shoved toward me and then yanked back, going again to the cabinet and fumbling around some more.