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Here's what some of them have said about the service: I must congratulate you on ARCHI. Obviously its even better today and is an amazing tool for the detectorist, beginner or expert. I find ARCHI fascinating, looking at the old maps and the related archaeology to where I live and other places I'm interested in. The precise locations of more than 50,000 Roman sites, 30,000 Iron Age / Celtic sites, 25,000 Bronze Age sites, nearly 20,000 Saxon sites, 50,000 medieval sites and many, many more ancient and miscellaneous sites are listed in the UK database.

Paul, ARCHI Subscriber I use the ARCHI website to note archaeological sites in an area when I'm planning a walk for the Doncaster Ramblers. Plus there are links to road maps and aerial photographs showing the location of the sites on the ground. Many beautiful and historically significant coins & artefacts and previously unknown ancient sites have already been found and reported by field walkers and metal detectorists who have used the ARCHI i UK database for their research.

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In addition, the database also holds data on archaeologically significant field names and place-names from historical records such as the Tithe Apportionment lists and ancient documents.

It is believed that ARCHI UK is the only database where this information can be searched via Postcodes, Places and Co-ordinates and accessed within an archaeological context.

The ARCHI UK database (Archaeological Sites Index) contains details of sites mentioned in rare books and archaeological reports / surveys which are not easily found outside specialist libraries.

The 200,000 UK archaeological sites listed in the ARCHI UK (ARCHI UK) database come from published sources such as hundreds of archaeological reports, county archaeological journals, findspots reported by archaeologists, fieldwalkers and metal detectorists and treasure hunters who have previously reported their finds while treasure hunting.

There are also tips for metal detectorists and fieldwalkers to significantly increase your find rates. The cost of a year's subscription to the ARCHI UK database of UK Archaeological Sites is £34.95.