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Few secured cards will score a high grade on every factor, but several are worth consideration.

The Harley-Davidson Visa Secured Card has no annual fee and a 24 day grace period. The Capital One Secured Master Card comes with a annual fee but reports as unsecured and imposes very few additional fees.

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Mom and Dad can supervise all the activity on the kids’ cards, automate pay for chores and allowances, deduct expenses, and even pay interest on savings.

The system is designed to teach kids how to budget, save and use plastic responsibly.

Financially savvy parents put a card in their children’s hands long before their 18th birthday.

By the time a teen is old enough to be eligible for her own credit card, she should already know how to handle it responsibly.

Introduce tweens to a debit card, either prepaid or connected to a bank account (their own).