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Every time I’m in the Philippines, I have sex with a different girl (no bar girl), almost daily! I have prepared this Filipino girl’s guide for travelers looking for lust, love and romance in the Philippines. There is a Filipino say; “If you wanna court the girl, court the mother.” Consider budgeting some money forward the family.1 ~ Filipina are very close to the family This is important if you are planning to MARRY a Filipino woman. In future, whenever some member of the family is in need of some money, your wife will rely on you for support.

If your significant other doesn’t get you what you really want, love them for their heart. Some of us are blessed with loving relationships this holiday. Either way let’s be content with what we have and be thankful for the friends and family we do have.

When you think about the Philippines, the first things come to my mind is the sexy women.

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