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Bio: Hartmut Neven is an Engineering Director at Google.

He is the founder and manager of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab.

Bio: Vinod Khosla is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology fan.

He is the founder of Khosla Ventures, focused on impactful clean technology and information technology investments. Khosla was a co-founder of Daisy systems and founding CEO of Sun Microsystems where he pioneered open systems and commercial RISC processors. Khosla’s greatest passions is being a mentor to entrepreneurs, assisting entrepreneurs and helping them build technology based businesses. Khosla is driven by the desire to make positive impact through scaling alternative energy, achieving petroleum independence, and promoting a pragmatic approach to the environment.

In 2009, she received the ACM SIGMOD Test of Time Award. Artificial intelligence can introduce the automation, computation and precision needed to transform healthcare operations–it's no small endeavor and requires sophisticated infrastructures and expertise.

She has been serving as a board member of the Computing Research Association (CRA) since 2016. Lumiata’s predictive AI models clinical science and medicine, and is able to predict individual disease for 2 million people in under 2 hours, from over 5TB of data, with over 80% positive predictive value.

I will intrioduce three application areas: quantum enhanced optimization, quantum simulation and quantum neural networks.