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After a trial, the court issued an opinion enforcing the agreement by enjoining Filipiski from revealing confidential information about TQL's operations and restricting him from taking competitive employment for one year.The confidential matter subject to the agreement included, customer contact information, TQL's business model, information regarding TQL's proprietary software, TQL's pricing methods and information in TQL's training program that is not publicly available.As part of the contract award process, the predecessor contractor has ten (10) days to provide the winning contractor with the incumbent staff’s service dates (29 C. Prior to awarding the vacation balance, the contractor must also cash out the employee’s unused vacation balance from the prior year, because an SCA employee’s balance may not exceed their annual accrual amount (29 C. Three weeks later, a staff member who was retained during the RIF voluntarily resigns.

As a result, TSPs filed rates in the summer of 2005 for the upcoming October rate cycle believing that they would be reimbursed the fee and formulated their rates accordingly.

However, once the rate cycle began, the director of the household goods program sent a notice to TSPs that the fee would not be reimbursed.

(You would be surprised how often that fails to happen.) Are you aware that you have to post a specific DOL poster regarding the SCA in a conspicuous place and post copies of the applicable wage determination(s)? In that case, contractors may ask the employees directly for their original hire date or service date on the contract and do their best to accurately estimate the employee’s anniversary date.

Do you know the difference between and Odd and an Even wage determination? Once you onboard your SCA employees, you then have to figure out how to administer their benefits…of which is vacation. Anniversary Date and Vacation Accrual Vacation benefits are tied to an employee’s contract anniversary date or length of service on the contract. Contractors that hire the predecessor’s incumbent staff are also obligated to provide a full year’s vacation accrual on the employee’s anniversary date – regardless of when the employee began work for the new contractors.

Additionally, if the employee was on layoff at the time of their anniversary date and is later recalled within that sixty (60) day window, the contractor must deposit the annual vacation amount into their bank upon reinstatement. Although part-time employees may not be eligible for your company sponsored benefits such as medical, dental, vision or other lines of employer sponsored coverage, the SCA (29. However, part-time and temporary employees only receive benefits proportionate to the hours worked on the contract (29 C. Therefore, if a full-time employee working forty (40) hours per week receives forty (40) hours of vacation annually, the part-time employee working an average of twenty (20) hours per week would receive twenty (20) hours of vacation annually.