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In the expiation, he gave great sums of money in alms and resolved on a life-long fast.He asked one of the ulama of his time what he could do to expiate this terrible crime, and he replied, "You should seek refuge with the Prophet of God, may God bless and save him.

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A mysterious ancient tomb with “unusual and rare” wall paintings has been discovered in Egypt.

Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Enany told BBC reporters the discovery of a 4,400-year-old tomb found during excavation work in Giza’s western cemetery “likely belonged to Hetpet, a priestess to Hathor, the goddess of fertility, who assisted women in childbirth.”An unknown author inscribed a curse onto an Assyrian stele in 800 BC.

However, the richest person in all of history is a Malian ruler named Musa Keita I, tenth Mansa of Empire of Mali (Mansa is a title like ‘sultan’ or ‘emperor’).

Born in the 1280s AD, Mansa Musa expanded the Mali Empire by conquering 24 cities and their surrounding areas.

As it happened, Abubakari Keita II (Musa’s predecessor) set out on a quest to find the ends of the Atlantic Ocean and was never heard from again.