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You need to decide if you need to build up the relationship when you find the right person – as a gift giver or a wife.

Moreover, know whether you would need long term relationship with the sugar mummy or only a “gift giver” sugar mummy.

Friendite is another great dating site you can use when searching for a a boo. The down side is that it is not as automated as the first two hence once you have uploaded your pictures, it takes 24 hours before it will be approved by the site This actually a good thing as they help screen spammers.

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Don’t be close-minded open up you heart and find what you want on these dating sites!

Tinder" a colleague advised me a few months ago when we were talking about love and relationships in Nigeria.

Particularly, rich divorced white and black ladies (Akata) from popular countries like America, Canada, Australia and so on search for love and international young men for romance.

They are willing to offer money and expensive gifts in return for sexual favors.

Before Tinder, 2go and Badoo were the reigning apps used for 'hook ups'. It is possible to find women who are not into transactional sexual relationships on Tinder (after I skewed my profile I chatted with two working ladies who were not into hookups).