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Input should be gained from and respected by both parties with a mutual understanding/agreement taking place. submissive=submitting without objection or resistance, passive, biddable, docile, obedient..2008...location united states...behavior-objectionable...passive-only when i'm sleeping...biddable-you scratch my back and i'll even do yours first...docile-as a panther...obedient-not since i was 16 or so.... While I like the "old fashioned way of life" too, I also like to give my input sometimes too.

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If he is wrong he will admit it and do what is needed to make things right.

I think many people see a dominant man as one who rules with an iron fist that is unreasonable, who barks out commands and expects others to jump when he talks which isn’t the case.

He will want her input in decision making and listen to her opinions.

While the final decision is his he is secure enough to try to do things her way.

I think being old fashioned is somewhat similar but not to that extreme.