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“Some will say that we have turned our back on the ‘clear teaching of Scripture,’ ” says Todd Freeman, pastor of College Hill Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“It appears that many Presbyterians now consider that this is not the case.

“There is a difference between General Assembly making a decision and a vote that involves every teaching elder and ruling elders from every congregation across the country.

It feels very significant.” The picture, though, looks very different to the members of Scoonover’s congregation, First Presbyterian.

As more and more participants began feverishly texting and tweeting, one of them stood up and asked if they could acknowledge what was happening. It was, Alex Patchin Mc Neill says, a “very Presbyterian” moment.

Many of the gathered leaders, after a pause, rose from their pews and began to applaud, some cheering, their faces visible with celebration as well as a deep consciousness of those for whom this may be either a .

And there is a tremendous and effective witness for our Lord entrained in this vital work! What is perceived by one to be a shining example of democracy at work, for instance, is to another the tyranny of an out-of-touch leadership.

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