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My father died in prison when he was 47, leaving my mother to face the world destitute and with the stigma of a prison record.

She never remarried and her life has been a constant struggle.

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I hope telling my own story will likewise prove helpful to others.

I was born in 1961 and raised in Sydney, Australia. He was textbook bipolar man, with a terrible temper, alternating with expansive grandiosity.

) I knew I had taken a wrecking ball to my own life.

(In my mind I think that this will always be the metaphor I will use.) As soon as I started winding down from my worst ever, show-stopping, record-breaking manic binge, a bleak depression set in.

He rarely slept, and he made his living through illegal gambling, drug dealing, theft, fencing, forgery and whatever other opportunities presented themselves.