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George County Court due day of 8th day of 9ber November) 1711 The above written last will & testament of James Westbrook e dec’d was acknowledged and proved in open court by the oath of Henry Batte & Wm Huff witnesses thereto at probate. Simmons; Tho: Perry; Walker x Ennis” Lived in the part of Isle of Wight co VA which became Southampton in 1749. To son Moses 150 acres that I bought of Thomas Day — 10 pounds. Exs., brother John Westbrook and brother-in-law William Vaughn. 22 1803 Great Grandmother Susanna Uzzell Westbrook, born May 19, 1767, died March 1847 Grandfather Gray Westbrook, only son of Burwell and Susanna Westbrook, born Sept. Grandmother Margaret Smith Heidleburg Westbrook born Jan. Died May 5, 1867 Daughter of Samuel and Margaret Heidleburg. 4 1822 Margaret Evelina Westbrook, Feb.6 1825 Josephus Green Westbrook, Primus, May 4 1827 died of burns Andrew Jackson Gray Westbrook Nov.5 1829 Lucy Jane Westbrook July 27 1832 Josephus Green Westbrook, secondus, Sept 9 1834 William Ivy Westbrook Jan 27 1836 Generation 7 (con’t) Susanna Emily Ann Eliza Westbrook July 15 1839 Marriages Gray Westbrook married Margaret Smith Heidleburg March 25, 1818 in NC Burwell Westbrook married Susanna Uzzell in May 1784 Henry Cannady married Nancy Westbrook in Jan 1818 Deaths Gray Westbrook died May 14, 1861 (Father) Margaret Smith Heidleburg Jones (grandmothers maternal side) died Aug. house branch and likewise on the north side of the said branch and below a run marked “line” begining at a gum in the said branch and running to a pine standing in a small branch in Jacob Westbrook’s line, and one feather bed and furniture, likewise my negro boy Ben, likewise my sorrell filley which came of my old sorrell mare, likewise two cows and two breeding sows and my case of bottles and to hold the same in fee simple right all but my wife Mary Westbrook is to have her life on the land.Thereof granted Eliza his relict Executrix named therein & at her prayer the same was ordered to be recorded & it is here truly recorded Test E. A John Westbrook came to New England on the Richard in August of 1682 from London. to son Thomas — negro slave named Little Peter; son Elias – negro named Jack, son burwell – negro named Doll. Births of Gray Westbtook and his consort Margaret: Richard Allen Westbrook Jan. 1844 Andrew Jackson Gray Westbrook died at Tuka May 8, 1863, CSA Soldier Margaret S. William Ivy Westbrook died at Brownsville TN of yellow fever Oct. Item: I give to my son John Westbrooke my negro girl Jane which negro he has now in possession to him and his heirs forever.

Even before this, there was a tendancy for them to get married in a London church.

In contrast, the western Ayletts seem to have been less mobile in the 17th C.

here hath been since my coming to the place several ships of Flemings from Spain with some six hundred soldiers. My loving wife Honour to have the use of negro slaves during her natural life or widowhood; after her marriage or decease to be sold and the money equally divided among all my children who are living. Wit: john Pierson, Joshua Cloud, Richard Taylor, Jr.

much powder and arms; so that they are well-supplied with all necessaries for war. He is in the line of (From Michael Westbrook) Lived in Isle of Wright County, Virginia before February 1719. Wit: john Pierson, Joshua Cloud, Richard Taylor, Jr. **************************************************************************************************************** ************************* Generation 7 (con’t) Fred, James, Charles, Elias, Sarah Ann, Percis), Elizabeth, Mary, Moses Jr, Fanster) James m.

In the parish church of Godalming is a black marble Altar Tomb of William Westbrook, who d. Act for an amendment to the several acts & resolutions of the Convention relating to natives of Great Britain and the establishment of paper currency. 392 Mecklenburg County, Virginia May 14, 1777 To the Honorable the Speaker, and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates of Virginia: The petition of the Inhabitants of the county of Mecklenburg humbly beseech, That your petition are highly approve of the several Acts and Resolutions of Conventions, and Assembly, but conceive that some amendment might be made to those, relating to the natives of Great Britain, and to the establishment of the paper currency of this Commonwealth.