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If you want to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes, and tone your tush and legs at the same time, go for a run. This interval workout combines walking hills and short sprints with just a bit of incline to reduce the chance of developing shin splints.

For even greater lower-body-sculpting power, you'll need to add hills to your workout. Aside from a toned tush and thighs, intervals are also proven to target belly fat, so it's doubly effective.

You'll finally look better going rather than coming.

Just follow our ultimate butt guide to get your rear end looking firmer, rounder, and smoother without the need for a butt pad or squats.

A diagonal seam extends in a heart shape around the rear and hips.

This results is naturally enhanced curves—for a round and full buttocks.

Whether you're looking for sexy booty jeans or flattering boyfriend jeans, you'll find a perfect fit at Hourglass Angel.

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