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This method also has high potential for isotopic U-series measurements using MC-ICPMS.

The results of the U measurements are used to constrain the effective alpha- and beta-dose rates in enamel sampled for ESR analysis.

(1964) discovered that tracks could be viewed optically if enlarged by chemical etching.

The fault scarp has a dip of ~35-45 to the west, and it is well defined north of Huaraz but is poorly defined to the south (Schwartz, 1988).

The Cordillera Blanca Normal Fault has been highly active during the late Quaternary (Schwartz, 1988; Farber Fission track analysis is the study of nuclear tracks in insulating solids formed by the natural or induced fissioning of uranium.

Displaced moraines and trench studies across the Cordillera Blanca Normal Fault indicate a vertical uplift of about one mm/yr.

These and other data indicate that the Cordillera Blanca has been exhumed along its entire length an average rate of 1.0 km/My since intrusion of the Cordillera Blanca Batholith at ~8.0 Ma.

Combined ESR/U-series dating of tooth enamel is important for obtaining chronological constraints on archaeological sites.

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