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Long Term Police-Fire Pension Charts NYC NJ Etc While the Census Bureau has FY 2012 data for most pension plans, data for the New York City Police Pension Fund comes out later, and only FY2011 data is available.That is updated from the FY2010 data cited last year.These percentages were much lower in New Jersey, and most other places whose data I was able to obtain, although the report of zero disabled pension beneficiaries in Los Angeles seems wrong.

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(The recipients of survivor benefits are excluded from the calculation, since they may be survivors of workers who had been regular retirees, disabled retirees, or those who died on the job).

I didn’t update the chart because not much is going to change from year to year, and it isn’t going to be as interesting the second time.

Moreover, those who become disabled may not live as long as those who are not disabled.

So among the legitimately disabled, total pension costs should not be half again as high as they would be for those in regular retirement, as the pension at 75 percent of salary vs.

These figures are affected by how long ago the average police officer or firefighter retired, and how much inflation has occurred since then.