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17-When the flashback in Kalm is complete, tell Barret to "Wait a second" and then answer "Is that all? 21- Get Yuffie (Can't date her if she is not in your party right?

" 18-Form a party of Aeris and Tifa, and return to Kalm. ) 22-When going through the dialog to get Yuffie, answer in ways that make her wait.

3-When everyone goes to the "meeting" go downstairs without speaking to Tifa. 7-When Aeris asks if Tifa is your girlfriend, answer "Yea, that's right." 8-Tell Aeris you will take her home.

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The full walkthrough has little side-notes added as you go, but if you’re interested in all of the possible decisions they can all be found here.

Below is a document written by Terence Ferguson in its entirety that describes how the date scene and its accompanying mechanics work.

10-When Marlene asks about Aeris, answer "I dunno".

11- When given the choice of party members, always pick Tifa.

Aeris really does not need any help in the dating thing....just in case you want to make sure she is chosen...