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The image is too much, and my hand shoots down between my legs to rub my clit.

But he snatches my hand away and pulls it behind my back, tsking at me. All you have to do is ask." I try to put up at least a token resistance, to act like he doesn't have all the power in our relationship, but he nips at my ear again, and I feel myself weakening.

I know he loves the curve of a pregnant belly, the swell of breasts full of milk - he's told me, just as he's told me all his filthiest secrets.

I often imagine how I would walk around the house barely clothed, maybe naked, enticing him, and he could fuck me anytime he wanted.

Forced sex is a fantasy I enjoy and I write for other similarly minded people. All characters are 18 I stare up into the blackness of my dark room, listening to the horrible sounds from down the hall. I wonder if she has any idea that I can hear every moan, every scream, every filthy thing she cries. My dad's wife - I never refer to her as my stepmother, even in my thoughts - is an egocentric bitch, and consideration of me is not something that appears to take up much of her time or energy. I hear the frantic sounds of flesh slapping flesh, and the low, throaty moan that means she's coming.

Real rape is ugly and sad, and if it's something you're considering acting out you should seek help. I hear the shuffling of the bed against the wall, the grunts and sighs... He told me they were close to divorce a year after they married, which was when he started visiting my bed at night. I envision her cunt convulsing around him, greedily milking him for his cum.

"I was gonna take my time, but you make me so fuckin crazy! I love that I make him forget himself, and I love the feel of his cock stretching me wide with each thrust. His is the only cock I've ever had, the only one I ever want.