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Lando is involved, no grandkids." Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia have spent a lifetime fighting wars, bringing the Jedi back from extinction, raising families, and saving the galaxy more times than they can count.

They've earned the right to rest on their laurels and let the younger generation shoulder the burden--but fate has another adventure in store for our heroes, a quest only they can tackle and hope to survive...

Before they can come to any agreement, however, three members of the exotic species known as the Nargons walk into the cantina with two Mandalorians.

Kaeg informs Han and Leia that the Nargons and Mandalorians were hired by Galactic Exploitation Technologies, or GET, a giant conglomerate looking to rob the business of the independent miners, like Kaeg, in the nebula; the Mandalorians were hired to act as security against the pirates, with the Nargons helping them.

When Han and Leia Solo arrive at Lando Calrissian's Outer Rim mining operation to help him thwart a hostile takeover, their aim is just to even up the odds and lay down the law.

Then monstrous aliens arrive with a message, and mere threats escalate into violent sabotage with mass fatalities.

After Luke departs to the Rift with this knowledge, Wuul is killed thanks to the Qrephs' machinations.