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better known as Fonzworth Bentley, is a musician and author.

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” which seems to be the name of the band, but the band is baffled!

Why they’ve never heard something so outrageous in their entire life! We are only the coolest up-and-coming group on the planet with a name that totally does not sound like something a group of forth graders huddled over a porno mag in a treehouse would call themselves!

you're spectacular [Bentley Fonzworth] No, I'm fantastically well [Andre] Come on, man, make up your mind A minute ago, you said you were fine [Bentley Fonzworth] No, I said I'm close to spectacular But I'm meeting fine in a minute [Andre] Close to spectacular? [Bentley Fonzworth] I am certainly and without a doubt fantastically well And was close to spectacular but I must say, good sir You just pissed spectacular off And don't even mention exactly...

You said you were fantastically well [Bentley Fonzworth] Exactly [Andre] Exactly? But here comes fine right now [Andre] Oh Lord, she is fine [Woman (Fine)] Gentlemen [Bentley Fonzworth] Behold [Together] A lady Perfect wordplay here which brings to light a description of Bentley Fonzworth as “Spectacular” and the lady as “Fine” which is not clearly understood by Andre 3000 until he sees the lady who he understands why she is called “fine”.

In 2007, Bentley authored an etiquette book, Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence and Style to Get Ahead. Bentley's involvement in the campaign has included creation of a radio public service advertisement ("Wanna Go?