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So when it comes to creating a profile, what constitutes an ‘authentic’ representation of who we are?

What we think is import to know about us is not always what other people think is important to know. Nic generally recommends disclosing your HIV status up front, so you don’t set yourself up for rejection; but some guys don’t want to disclose because it doesn’t give them a chance to fully explain their situation.

Ostensibly designed to allow people to meet, Tinder is - in both design and practice - a dating app designed to encourage, develop, and foster romantic relationships.

Naturally, people use Tinder for a number of different purposes: some use it for sex, others as a spurious distraction.

We might not want to admit to ourselves or to a computer that we have a racial preference; but the algorithm works it out pretty quickly, said Luiz, “After you’ve interacted with three people, that’s enough data for the algorithm to ignore what you said you want.” “It’s like Clippy the paperclip popping up to say ‘Hey, it looks like you’re being a bit racist. The most conventionally attractive people don’t necessarily get the most messages.