Drew barrymore and justin long dating Sexchat gun

During one take, Long accidentally dropped the towel, and Applegate’s reaction was so hilarious, the director decided they had to get her to do it again so it could go in the movie. Take after take, I just kept showing her my bing-bong,” says Long.

“Who knew at one point in my life I’d spend an hour flashing Christina Applegate?

Actress Drew Barrymore has fuelled rumours she is dating her movie co-star Justin Long after the pair were spotted kissing over the weekend (15-16/Sep07).

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A lot of things make the i Phone great, except being a phone.” • Long tried to learn guitar from Dan Smith of “Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar” flyer fame. And I’d consistently be ten minutes late and so we wouldn’t start until 25 minutes into the lesson.

We were not the right fit.” • When they were shooting the phone sex scene in , the director, Nanette Burstein, kept criticizing Long’s masturbation techniques.

• There was also a full-frontal scene that got cut from (“thank god”).

As part of a running gag about how Christina Applegate, who plays Barrymore’s sister, keeps catching the couple in all sorts of compromising positions, Long runs into Applegate post-shower wearing a teeny towel.

Justin Long would probably be the first to admit that he’s primarily known for two things: Doing those Mac ads and dating Drew Barrymore on-and-off.