Did jennifer lopez dating bradley cooper

Even Pink with the flu is still hands down one of the best vocalists of our generation." Clarkson added: "I would take Pink's voice on a flu day any day." Pink performed sick at a concert Friday in Minnesota and said it's easy to become under the weather when you're a mother of two children. "Our babies are right in our face, like the saliva, the mucus membranes are all around us," she said."We both have toddlers and I mean, they're literally little petri dishes of disease walking, they just have everything. has a strong connection to Minneapolis because of her ties to Prince, calling the city "my second home." "It's great to be back.Admitting his kissing technique on the show in which he promotes new film The Hangover: Part III, he says: 'After the second take she [Lawrence] said, "You’re a wet kisser." You don’t want to hear that.

Some Jackson fans are still angry, and started the hashtag in Jackson's honor.

While there were rumors Jackson might reunite with Timberlake at this year's halftime performance, she shot them down with a statement over the weekend. WANTED TO HONOR HIS ANCESTORS AT SUPER BOWL Leslie Odom Jr. Bank Stadium, he admitted he was "very nervous" before he hit the field, where he was backed by the Angelica Cantanti and Com MUSICation Youth Choirs.

So we're sick sometimes." Clarkson was one of the tailgate performances Sunday at Nomadic Live at The Armory. "The fun thing that you can always expect is it's never going to be a dead crowd because either A, they're drinking already or B, the energy of sports fans in general, they're just excited to be here (and) they're excited for their team," she said. The people have been so gracious here, really cool, and been doing so many wonderful things with us and for us," she said.

Though Clarkson is a Dallas Cowboys fan, she said she's rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. "The hospitality that they have shown has been amazing. was engaged to Prince and they worked on a number of memorable songs, including the funky '80s hit "The Glamorous Life." Sheila E.

Opening up: Jennifer Esposito, pictured on the Katie Couric Show on May 1, has described a damaging relationship, widely believed to be her brief marriage to Bradley Cooper, in her new book, Jennifer's Way Jennifer Esposito looked super chic as she sat down to chat with American chat show host Katie Couric earlier this month. Practically every star in celeb land has been spotted in their creations at one stage or another, including Kirsten Stweart, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Conrad, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna and much more.