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The couple argue Romania violated their right to move freely within the EU and should be forced to recognize their marriage. “Many European countries recognize and protect marriage as a union between a man and a woman in their laws and constitutions, as is their right,” said Adina Portaru, legal counsel for ADF International, a global partner of Alliance Defending Freedom.

“Countries should remain free to affirm that a mother and father are both essential in a child’s life.” She noted that if the EU’s highest court can unilaterally change the definition of “spouse” for all 28 countries, it also can change other conditions of marriage.

According to media reports, Vasecka admitted that he has a problem with pornography.

He advised that he often used his phone to search out child pornography chat rooms.

Advocates call the regulation an anti-discrimination policy that protects children, but pro-family groups say it undermines families and pushes a false narrative about gender and race.