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By joining a network within the site named Girls Love Travel, you'll be able to receive a discounted rate — from 15% to 40% off — on properties listed in the home-sharing platform.It's worth checking out if you want a safe accommodation option on a budget.And, once you found the right destination, formulating a decent itinerary meant poring over guidebooks and making notes of what you saw on travel shows.

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The social platform also allows you to join as a local and show off the best of your hometown to visitors.

That is, until it's your time to travel, and local users around the world can play host to you.

You can start dreaming up your next trip in seconds.

Home Away If you're looking to live like a local on your travels, look no further than Home Away.

The site has apartment and home listings from all over the world. You can find an adorable flat in the heart Paris for $56 per night or a garden apartment in Bali for just $36 per night.