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But trust, it all comes back by Friday when guys go nuts and start sending messages to every single girl on the site – presumably, setting up a date for the weekend. First guy said on his profile: I figured he meant guy … Nothing says sweeping me off my feet with intelligent and funny conversations like that message. Next is this guy, not too cute but not so bad either, but who rambles on in his profile: “Lets make this clear- If you think for one second that when/if we meet up I should be the one to empty my bank account on you, you are poorly mistaken and will be severely embarrassed when the time comes. Maybe his message will be good enough for me to overlook the six pack shot. And, I also don’t reply to people who don’t put any effort into their message to me, at least referencing one thing from my profile. Here’s me asking you to give it one more shot…” After I sent that message, I had to give up for the night.

I have no problems paying for dates, etc but I work hard and work harder for the things I have, I dont work so that you can spend my money too. He has the dreaded shirt off in the bathroom mirror shot taken with a cell phone camera (a deal breaker for me).

Just thought I’d clarify before the suicide prevention people come to get me.). Before I even read a message from a guy, I like to look at his profile first. Good luck in your future endeavors.” Are you kidding? Yes, there is a list of people on POF who are most likely to reply to a message. So, in case you are keeping tally: 14 total messages 13 deleted messages 1 reply (and I broke my own rules to allow myself to reply) Online dating FAIL.

Since I turned off the e-mail notifications months ago due to their sheer volume, I never know exactly how many messages I will have to read. Then, if I like them, their message is like a little gift. They likely reply to every single message that comes across their inbox.

My gf and I are in an open relationship, though we do love each other dearly. She’s open to me being with other women and her joining.