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Or does David de Lautour do steroids, coke or even stronger drugs such as heroin?

50% of the voters think that David de Lautour does do drugs regularly, 0% assume that David de Lautour does take drugs recreationally and 50% are convinced that David de Lautour has never tried drugs before.

I liked Arnold because he was this huge espresso shot of an African-American, the kind of guy who wasn’t afraid to say — or ask — anything. Jews found refuge during the Holocaust in a visa-free Shanghai.

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This is Why We're Single is a comedic series about the perils of dating.

We don't know for a fact whether David de Lautour is gay, bisexual or straight.

Interviewees also described their Jewish spouses as having a sense of “ethnic tra­dition” and an immigrant legacy found lacking in non-Jewish whites they had known or dated.

I thought about Rachel De Woskin, Anna Sophie Loewenberg, and Susan Blumberg-Kason.

Eighteen percent of the Chinese and Japanese American women and men we interviewed were married to Jewish partners.