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"Our criminal justice system is the modern embodiment of systematic racism and oppression that has plagued this country since its founding,” Marilynn Winn, the executive director of Atlanta’s Women on the Rise, an organization of women targeted by the criminal justice system, told “The Georgia DOC's picture is, at best, willful ignorance of the reality that black Americans live with every day, and is, at worst, a deliberate attempt to remind those black Americans how little the criminal justice system values them."Others saw it is linking prison overpopulation and slavery.

Georgia is known to have the second largest prison and jail incarceration rates in the country.“This is symbolic of the connection between a cotton field and modern day slavery, via the Prison Industrial Complex,” tweeted the Prison Reform Movement.“They're in a cotton field. Which slaves notoriously worked for generations as they were beaten the women were raped. 'Cause if you were, like I am, you'd understand this exhibits foundational racism,” tweeted Blair Koenig, the author of blog STFU, Parents.

Chris Skidmore, the Minister for the Constitution, has accused Jeremy Corbyn of “political opportunism” for trying to block reforms.

Mr Skidmore added that any future general election result would be “tainted” without such changes being made.

But she also wanted someone with body hair (just not too much) who liked musicals and classic films, wasn't in debt, had an actual career, appreciated spreadsheets, and was willing to listen to George Michael.