Dating stangl dishes

These glazes can be found on floor and wall tiles, pottery and other ceramics.FIESTA, America’s favorite dinnerware, was introduced by The Homer Laughlin China Company with great fanfare at the Pittsburgh China & Glass Show in January, 1936.Almost any antique ceramic with a deep orange/red color is likely to be radioactive, e.g., that produced by the Bauer Pottery Company.

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The most commonly used minerals were uranium,thorium and potassium.

These elements emit alpha, beta and/or gamma radiation.

How much glaze was employed per plate is unclear but it has been estimated that a single plate contains 4.5 grams of uranium.

Since this uranium could be used in the production of an atomic bomb, Fiesta red became a victim of World War II when the US government confiscated the company’s stocks of uranium.

(Organic Slant) Scientists have measured radiation from dishes that expose you to gamma radiation if you’re in the same room as the plate, beta radiation if you touch the plate, and alpha radiation if you eat acidic foods off the plate.