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If something makes you uneasy or bothers you, talk to your partner about it sooner rather than later to avoid any resentment creeping in early in the game.

Communication is important here, as it can be easy to overlook our partner’s need to feel loved and appreciated.

Some children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other disorders simply may not understand the way you’re explaining something to them, and often their resulting frustration may come out in ways that will make you want to yell at them, which may lead to a full-blown meltdown.

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People often make decisions out of fear and ignorance...perhaps try to find out during the getting to know each other phase how comfortable they are with persons with disabilities and weed them out as necessary.

If you make her down's an issue, so will everyone else.

I would leave that part out of it completely..them later after you have dated a few times and feel they are the type that wouldn't turn tail and run.

Then let them meet her when/if the relationship gets to that point.

My daughter is 9 years old, extremely mild mannered, and as cute as can be but as soon as I get into detail about her, things come to a grinding halt. Some women don't have a lot of patience with a child who has special needs.

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