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est un outil de microblogage proposant la mise en place gratuite (en version de base) d'un réseau social interne pour une entreprise ou une communauté spécifique.

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They were made in England from 1934 to 1979, at a factory in Binns Road in Liverpool. The company later moved into model railroading with their first O gauge clockwork trains appearing in 1920 (Ellis 2009, p. In the early 1930s, Meccano had made many types of tin plate and other metal cars, like its Morgan and BSA three-wheelers, mostly in kit form (Interesting 1934, pp. In 1933 Meccano Ltd issued a series of railway and trackside accessories to complement their O scale (1/45) Hornby Trains model train sets (Force 1988, p. 332) in August 1935, the name Meccano was dropped and the marque became DINKY TOYS until 1971 (Encyclopédie Dinky Toys).

Dinky Toys were among the most popular diecast vehicles ever made - predating other popular diecast marques, including Corgi, Matchbox, and Mattel's Hot Wheels (Ralston 2009, 7; Richardson 1999, 128). By December 1934 the Dinky name was also used for the "Dinky Builder" sets where coloured flat metal pieces could be hinged together to make buildings and vehicles (Esplen 2013).

In the mid-1930s, then, six vehicles were introduced (designated 22a through f), including a sports car, a sports coupe, a truck, a delivery van, a farm tractor, and a tank. Soon after, the first Dinky model car available individually was numbered 23 – a sports car based on the MG Magic Midget. Some smaller vehicles were also produced alongside model track workers, passengers, station staff and other O scale track side accessories (Meccano Dinky 1934 p. All of these early cars were inaccurate representations and had die-cast metal bodies, chassis and wheels with rubber tyres.