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You’re meeting someone right away but now having the opportunity to get to know them better.”That’s something that actual Tinder doesn’t provide; at the Expo event, you will be meeting matches on the fly, and will be able to absorb their vibe in the moment.

Because, as we all know, a lot depends on that elusive thing called “chemistry”.

She commissions “the next Martin Score-ceez” to shoot her profile and gets introduced to men through a video montage.

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Info Tech WNY is THE trade association of Western New York's information technology industry.

Some of Info Tech WNY's achievements, since its formation in 1998, are: Info Tech WNY believes in nurturing the future IT workforce in Western New York.

Questions for the first round will be basic; the next round, more complex.

Matches will then compete with each other for the grand prize: a $200 dinner from Sear Steakhouse and a $200 night stay at the Lafayette Hotel (don’t worry, you do not need to redeem the prize that night).

Info Tech WNY recognizes both small and large school, college, and university Student Memberships.