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“It’s green, it’s clean, it’s never seen — that’s nanotechnology!” That exuberant motto, used by an executive at a trade group for nanotech entrepreneurs, reflects the buoyant enthusiasm for nanotechnology in some business and scientific circles.

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Universities, industry, and governments around the globe are pouring billions into creating and developing nanoproducts and applications.

A range of nanotechnologies is already used in more than 600 consumer products — from electronics to toothpaste — with global sales projected to soar to $2.6 trillion by 2014.

Nano enthusiasts see it as the next “platform technology” — one that will, like electricity or micro-computing, change the way we do almost everything.

While that prediction is still unproven, there’s no question that nanotech is booming.

A farm-oriented pesticide law dating to 1947 is scarcely the right tool for addressing the 21st-century hazards of nanotechnology.