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During one of her usual hunts for stories, Vicki managed to discover the secret identity of the masked vigilante Mysteryman as Commissioner Gordon.Afterwards, she learned that Batman allowed her to learn the truth in order to help Gordon be recognized by the Mayor and Vicki get her story.However, she was utterly disappointed when Batman started a relationship with an international supermodel and she tried to sabotage their relation, not knowing that it was all part of a plan to capture a wanted criminal.

She became suspicious of Bruce Wayne and eventually deduced his secret identity as Batman.

However, she wasn't able to prove her theory and instead, she proved useful when it came to crime-fighting as she helped the Dynamic Duo capture the new criminal in town, the Mad Hatter.

He is responsible for preserving those memories and using the wisdom they give him to make decisions for the community.

Anyone would feel weighted down by this enormous responsibility, and because the Giver is forbidden to share his knowledge and pain with anyone else, including his spouse and his children, the weight is more difficult to bear.

Batman played along with Vicki's charade, but when Vicki started working on the wedding plans, Batman tricked her into believing that she must change her appearance with plastic surgery in order to marry him, which caused her to cancel the wedding.

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    We love a good competition as much as the next guy, but watching the team figure skating event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang over the weekend was a masterclass in sparkly style.