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This is because women are not permitted to carry out physical education and sports, as these are activities believed to be reserved solely for men. Saudi Arabia has an active music industry, but you won’t hear any music played in malls, department stores, and grocery stores for the most part.It is best for foreign teachers to respect this law during their time in Saudi Arabia, and of course, don't expect to teach P. Also, music classes are not allowed in public schools, because music is considered forbidden since school curricula must follow the rules of Islam (Don't expect many opportunities to teach music in Saudi Arabia to pop up! Despite this, rock bands and music enthusiasts still find ways to express their passion for music, away from the public eye.Although, most males still forbid women from independently traveling, because according to Islam, this can lead to immorality.

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With this in mind, many Saudis who live close to the island of Bahrain drive to the island on weekends to enjoy a movie, so if you need a movie fix while teaching in Saudi Arabia, you will have options still.

Similarly to #8, males and females are not allowed to mingle at malls or restaurants, unless they are family members.

Also, a lone man or a group of guys will not be allowed to enter a mall unless there is a woman with them.

Some restaurants are even divided into two sections, one for single individuals of either gender and the other for families.

Women in Saudi Arabia are generally not allowed to travel alone or without an electronic authorization, until they reach the age of 45.

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