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I guess they are ideal enemies I am a Libra woman, my boyfriend Gemini is the best fit for me, ohh,i love him very much. I am a Libra female, what a tough world it is in the love zone, and then a Gemini male comes along and I feel like he takes away everything I work for, and I am so excited about it, yet mad at myself in the end.

I know he loves pretty girl, but it's just part of life. Although I have a specific dilemma and I am a bad girl, I think its his fault. Now I am torn between a long term relationship with a Capricorn, because I hurt him, I told him...what should I do?

I am sure they're are great Gemini's, but they can be very playful in a bad way, a bit childish and pretenders. We held hands and had great conversations, no sex though.

Although I think that connection is amazing (Libra and Gemini draw to each other) but Gemini's lack the maturity and stability for Libras wanting a long term relationship. Now he seems unaffected by me whilst I am completely head over heels.

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