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Several teams of seven men were engaged grueling, incessant paddle boat races, and it didn't take long for there to be a recurring first place and a recurring last place finisher.Babin and his fellow instructors decided to switch the captains of these two teams, and within a couple races, the teams swapped first and last place.Reasons could include once-in-a-lifetime elite athletes, a brilliant coach, or an exceptional front office.

Walker determined that elite captains like Duncan have seven traits.

As former Navy SEAL platoon leader and "Extreme Ownership" author Leif Babin puts it: "There are no bad teams, only bad leaders." It was a lesson he said was best captured in a SEAL training exercise he oversaw as an instructor.

It seems that Walker discovered fundamental truths about team dynamics, whether in pro sports teams or corporations: Strong leadership from the top is crucial, but only works when there's a talented leader on the field.

We were like a little team, more like big sister, little sister.

She joined the Birchfield Harriers athletics club at 13.