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Health insurance is represented by the healthcare category.

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If you suspect a person is located offshore (or they tell you they are working on an oil rig or some other ‘romantic’ place) please alert us immediately through the If you've been corresponding with someone and they decline to send you a picture (or the picture looks like it may have been 'borrowed' from the internet), be suspicious. Check the background of any picture as well, as this can reveal more about the person.

Messaging through Find Someone is entirely anonymous.

A large majority of the average family budget is made up of only three categories: housing, transportation and clothing.

If you want to cut expenses and have a large impact on your finances, these are the areas worth investigating.

If you spy a profile full of spelling mistakes, it doesn’t seem very ‘Kiwi’, or it looks like it’s been copied from somewhere else, it could be a scammer.