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VINNIES is a small and cute deli in the popular shopping street Haarlemmerstraat.

Set in a minimal and homey atmosphere, VINNIES serves simple, pure and healthy lunches.­Spring has finally sprung and Amsterdam is looking ever more vibrant.

Featuring the voices and work of some of the most influential artists and scholars involved in the subject of the non-human and visual cultures, this collection is an unorthodox reference point, a verbatim account of the main ideas and movements, and an archive of original documents indispensable to tracing the intersections and origins of anthropogenic discourses.

Through comparison with other non-CGI representations of dogs in film that resist easy separation of canine realities and human histories, this essay explores a third possibility, namely that its powerful multitude, revealed as multispecies in the final scene, is instead a productive confusion meant to push visioning forward into more livable worlds for people and animals together.

҆vankmajer works in extension of a rich surrealist tradition of questioning anthropocentrism and human exceptionalism.