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Perhaps the title of this article needs some definition.

By “generation” I am speaking of that group of people from the mid-teens, to those who are around thirty years of age.

While there is evidence in abundance for the “youth” apostasy in religion at large, it would not be fair to address this matter without calling attention to the disease that afflicts even the church of our Savior.

Facebook came along and displaced My Space as the hottest social media property. It is not uncommon for them to stay online for hours on end, chatting with one another, or playing games.

Now social media involvement has expanded to nearly every demographic.

Many parents believe that peer-pressure is the greatest influence upon their youngsters, but studies dispute this.

Though peer pressure is doubtless significant to a degree, actually, it is the parents’ influence that is most significant; in terms of what they do, and what they don’t do.

One must, therefore, reject the “out-of-date” views of the Bible, and read the Scriptures through “modern glasses.” There is a significant movement within churches of Christ pushing for a reunion with the “Christian Church” — especially since 2006 is the anniversary of the split that was recognized officially a century ago.

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