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Through it all, Ranma will set out to be what his mother wants him to be, a man among men. In their youth they longed to be accepted; one wished her family would be kinder, one wished he had a family at all.

Naruto is banished after retuning to the village with Sasuke. The chunin exams have returned which brings the Sand Siblings, led by Gaara, and a mysterious new teammate. But they found each other, and this time around it is clear that as long as they would be fine. It started with a surprising proposals from an unexpected source, but that was only the beginning.

Warning be prepared for the most Evil Sadistic Sasuke ever, & Sakura takes a beating in many chapters. The year after the war was a confusing time for the teen warriors. Through the turmoil, Naruto will discover power and something even greater. May change to M rating in Shippuden What would happen if Kags and Inu mated BEFORE the end of the show? Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers" and "Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. R&RHarry and Ginny quickly reunite following the end of the war. Overlord crossover, Naru Xharem (Hinata as boss), lemon fest.

They had fought against the greatest evil - what was next? Shampoo decides to change course in her attempts to win Ranma's love, but the battle for Ranma's heart is about to turn into a battle for survival when she and Ranma become the targets of some fearsome foes. Maleficent didn't die like the three Good Fairies thought she did at the hands of Prince Phillip with his Sword of Truth. However, due to the pain and grief of their losses, their own family fails to recognise the love shared and growing between the young couple. His jonin senseis that teach the next generation get overambitious before the chunin exams and send in genin that aren't ready just yet. With an equally depraved but completely smitten Hinata at his side, watch as the Overlord creates his own little harem for his personnal pleasure ... Takuya and Zoe return to the Digital World, only to find it in chaos, and destruction; ruled by a very powerful and wicked Digimon. After Wave, Naruto meets Kyuubi, & gets a new goal in life, but its down to him to become the Hero he wants to be.

*WARNING* what some consider Sakura bashing is reoccurring in this story. Though he won't be going back as himself since the time in which he will enter will be before his birth. Soon, Harry finds himself dealing with forces beyond his imagination and dreams, and ultimately finds that the world is not what he believed it to be.

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